Letter of Appreciation to the GVLM

by Deaconess Roseline Adu on June 02, 2020

Dear Virtuous Ladies,

June 1, 2020, marks one year as the GVLM Chairperson, and it has been a transformation experience filled with great opportunities and challenges. In my first year, I have seen many of the good things that make GVLM such a great ministry in The Gospel Faith Mission International, North America. I have gained a better understanding of what leadership and fellowship are all about. I now know what it means for our future, and what glorious things lie ahead of us. IT GIVES ME HOPE.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were unable to hold our annual conference in May this year, which we have fully prepared before the end of March. Our exceptional team of pastors' wives and Conference Committee worked through all of this with great commitment and patience. YOU GIVE ME STRENGTH.

"True Leaders welcome and embrace challenges; it fuels their fire." GOFAMINT Virtuous Ladies, I want to encourage you because there are Higher Heights ahead of us. I ask you to have the courage and let us work in unity "as one." We can have the power to meet the challenges of getting to a higher level. I have the courage and faith that we would achieve our God-given visions and goal, as we work "as one". I HAVE COURAGE AND FAITH.

So, we will do everything with the wisdom of God; we will do meetings, learn, and pray, we will honor one another, we will keep our heart clean and let the fruit of the Holy Spirit manifest in our life, as He helps us (Psalm 101:2).

Virtuous Ladies, I have faith that our future is colorful and bright. My prayer and declaration every day is that all members of GVLM now and in the future will fulfill God's purpose and plan for their life even after this pandemic time we will all meet in our churches to give glory to the Almighty God.

Keep the Faith. (1 Thess 5:24-25).

Onward & Upward!
Roseline Adu.

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