A Week of General Prayer in GOFAMINT Worldwide

Theme: Generating Divine Preserving & Protective Power Through Corporate Prayer

by Pastor (Dr.) Elijah O. Abina on March 28, 2020


A week of General Prayer

Sunday, March 29 - Saturday, April 4, 2020



TEXT: Luke 21:36; Psalm 138:7; Isaiah 107:28-29


The period we are is quite a challenging moment for both Christians and non-Christians all over the world. Many people in our Nation are living in fear of the COVID 19 Pandemic. Yes, the whole world is facing a trying period. The heart of many is melting and failing. In times like this, we must rise together as people of faith in corporate prayers to generate divine preserving and protecting power. The prevailing prayers of the righteous people make tremendous power available. Through prayer, we can generate the conquering grace, wisdom, power, and anointing to defeat coronavirus, entirely and permanently.

When people of God pray, God works wonders, and He intervenes. And when God intervenes in the affairs of men, absolute victory is inevitable.



TEXT: Isaiah 28:2, Jer. 51:2

According to the Centre for Disease Control, Coronavirus diseases 2019 abbreviated COVID-19, began in Wuhan, China, as a result of an animal-to-person spread from a market. It has spread rapidly to many nations destroying lives and upsetting families. This disease has continued to spread, and people are becoming infected by coming into direct contact with an infected person who is coughing or sneezing. If you inhale the droplets or touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, you may contact the disease. Symptoms occur within two to fourteen days after exposure, and the symptoms include fever, cough, general cold and shortness of breath, or having difficulties in breathing.

Medically, this disease is called coronavirus, but spiritually is nothing but a destroying storm and destroying wind. And it will take the power of God and scientific breakthrough to stop this strange killing disease called COVID-19.

Let us pray

  1. Lord, by your merciful, mighty and miraculous acts, stop the spread of this destroying storm of coronavirus.
  2. Lord, curtail by your divine intervention this coronavirus from continuing to spread across the nations of the world.
  3. Lord, give the government of each country the divine capacity and ability to make right and correct regulations and grant them grace to enforce them timely.
  4. Holy Spirit of God, help us to stop this destroying wind of coronavirus in the nations of the world at large and particularly in the United States of America.
  5. Lord, uncover the secrets to technically and totally defeat coronavirus to various people searching for it all over the world.
  6. Father, you are the ultimate Healer, stretch forth your mighty healing hand to those who are already infected with this virus. Cause them to recover miraculously.
  7. Father, let your healing power flows to every infected part of their bodies and make them whole.
  8. Father, grant all those who are working to develop vaccines that is needed with wisdom for prompt discovery.
  9. Read Prov. 1:7 – The fact about the virus is that the virus does not move itself. It is the people that move the virus about. O God help us not to be people that will help coronavirus to spread faster by not obeying the instructions and all laws given to us by various authorities.



TEXT: PSALM 55:8, PSALM 68:20

In a time of a pandemic, we need grace to escape and overcome. According to Psalm 55:8, “I will hurry to my place of escape from the wind and storm”. Equally, we read in Psalm 68:20; God is to us a God of deliverance, and to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death” NASB. In Christ, there is the divine escape from whatever traps and diseases, circumstances that lead to death. Truly, only by the power and mercy of God, we can escape and overcome.

Let us pray

  1. Gracious Father, thank you because you are neither weak nor wicked. You are on the throne, working out your will in our lives and your world.
  2. Read 1 Peter 1:5, Glorious Father, we give you all praise and glory for we are being kept from the destroying storm of coronavirus by the power of God through faith.
  3. Heavenly Father, help us to escape the destroying power of coronavirus.
  4. Father, by the most powerful and precious blood of Jesus, keep us away from being infected by coronavirus by any means possible.
  5. Father, help us to rightly and timely do those things that will help us to avoid contracting coronavirus.
  6. Heavenly Father, cause us to enjoy a miraculous and swift escape from all evils associated with coronavirus as individuals, family, and church.
  7. Read Ps. 68:24 – Almighty God, to you belong escapes from every death, help us to escape from every evil associated with coronavirus.
  8. Jesus, The Prince of Peace, grant us the spirit of peace in place of fear and spirit of hope in a place of worry.
  9. Father, grant us your inner peace in the face of pandemic fear.
  10. Father, no harm shall overcome us as a family and the church through the scourge of COVID-19.



TEXT: Isaiah 12:2, Psalm 56:3-4; Prov. 2:6-7, Eccl. 7:12

As believers, we believe with divine assurance that with our faith in God, no evil and plaque will come near to our homes. That is the prophetic word of God to us. However, we still need to walk in wisdom and knowledge to enjoy that promise. Knowledge is power. Wisdom is a preserver and protector. We need sound knowledge and wisdom to understand and to do those things that can keep us from contacting the disease and from spreading it. It is keeping social distance, washing of hands, staying at home when sick, refraining from coughing without covering your mouth.

Let us pray

  1. Thank you, Lord, for your love that is keeping us alive and alert in times like this.
  2. Father, grant us your wisdom and relevant knowledge to keep us alive, safe, and away from those affected with coronavirus.
  3. Holy Spirit, help us to maintain the social distance that will help us to curb and curtail the spread of the coronavirus.
    • Lord, give everybody the grace to obey the instructions of the spiritual and secular leaders who are trying to bring the situation under control.
    • Lord, help people to keep the necessary hygiene that will help to stop the menace of coronavirus.
  4. Read 2 Corin. 1:10-11. Almighty Father, deliver us from the deadly peril of the destroying coronavirus that is ravaging the world.
  5. Read Psalm 57:1 – O Lord, help us to take refuge in God till the coronavirus disaster passes away.
  6. Father, grant all those who are trying to develop the needed vaccines the wisdom and guidance to do their works successfully.
  7. Lord, supply the various protective kits needed for Health workers to protect themselves and stay safe while attending to affected patients.
  8. Read Isa. 12:2 – O God, we trust in you for strength and wisdom to deal with all threats pose by the coronavirus.
  9. Read Prov. 1:7 - The fact about the virus is that the virus does not move itself. It is the people that move virus about. Lord, help us not to be people that will be moving virus about through disobedient to the law of social distance.



TEXT: Psalm 91:1-10, Psalm 138:7

Our God can protect and preserve His people no matter how bad the situation may be. Presently, the coronavirus epidemic has thrown the world into a state of panic. However, our consolation is in the fact that God is with us as a mighty warrior. He is not disturbed by any situation because He is the creator of the universe. He is the master over the sea, the storm, the trials of this period. All He requires from us is to be prayerful and watchful. And to be at the right place at the right time.

Let us pray

  1. Lord, grant us the grace to be at the right place at the right time. Lord, help us not to be at the wrong place at any given time – where one can be affected by the virus.
  2. Lord, grant us the grace of maximum protection from the scourge of coronavirus.
  3. Everlasting Father, grant people all over the world in general and your children in particular, perfect preservation from the scourge of COVID 19.
  4. Heavenly Father, preserve my family and me from contracting the dangerous virus and help us to be able to intercede for those who are victims of the deadly virus.
  5. Father, we mark every member of GOFAMINT with the blood of Jesus, let us be exempted like the city of Goshen from the plaque of coronavirus going on in the world right now.
  6. Lord, we come on the ground of the finished work of Christ and the blood of Jesus, and we declare that we are immune from any form of plague, whether COVID-19 or any other form of plague by the blood of Jesus.
  7. Lord, we speak to the earth today as we declare that the blood of Jesus was shed for mankind for salvation and deliverance; therefore, we declare a stop to this spread of COVID-19 in Jesus' name.
  8. Father, we speak to the earth today, and we declare that God gave us dominion to rule and be in charge of the earth; therefore, we command the forces of nature to fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus and put an end to it in Jesus name.
  9. Father, show to the relevant people very clearly the solution to the current plaque like you showed Elisha the solution to the bad water of Jericho (2 Kings 2:19-20).



TEXT: Psalm 138:7; Psalm 35:17; Psalm 40:13, Psalm 70:1

As a result of the outbreak of coronavirus in some parts of the world and its spread into countries of the world including the USA, there is panic everywhere. However, as children of God, we can take solace in the word of God as it abounds with promises of deliverance and assurance of victory. Our God is a specialist in helping His people in times of need, and this case is not going to be an exception.

Let us pray

  1. Thank you, Lord, for answers to prayers since the commencement of this prayer four days ago.
  2. Heavenly Father, in your mighty power, help the United States to overcome the national problem of the COVID 19 and the consequences, which this has caused and could continue to cause in Jesus' name.
  3. Great and mighty God, deliver this Nation from whatever calamity the COVID 19 pandemic represents this time around and cause your children to be free to worship, praise, and serve you. O Lord, put an end to the calamity.
  4. Lord, put an end to the calamity that Satan intends for our beloved country through the outbreak of coronavirus.
    • O Lord, by your mighty power, none of GOFAMINT members will be tested positive to coronavirus in Jesus mighty name.
    • None of my family members will be tested positive to the coronavirus in Jesus' name.
  5. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the United States will not be further devastated by the scourge of coronavirus henceforth.
  6. Heavenly Father, let there be a divine solution to all the devastations that COVID 19 has caused henceforth.
  7. Prince of peace, let your peace reign all over the world.
  8. Father, give the United States quick recovery from all the losses we have suffered through this plague.



TEXT: Psalm 19, Job 5:20, Psalm 33:19

In times like these, every right-thinking person knows that we need to pray fervently to the God of heaven for his timely interventions. The scourge of COVID 19 is much and it is already taking its toll on every aspect of our collective existence as a nation. The economy is seriously under threat. This is a situation that calls for serious, urgent, and timely prayer. Let us pour our hearts to the Lord. We are confident that He will answer us without delay.

Let us pray

  1. Heavenly Father, thank you for your faithfulness in answering our prayers now as always and since the commencement of this prayer.
  2. Gracious God, we appreciate you for being our source of victory in times of battle, our source of triumph in times of trials, and that this time around, you shall yet demonstrate your power in helping us out of the threat posed by COVID 19 pandemic.
  3. Lord, deliver this Nation and the citizens from the economic crises that the coronavirus pandemic has caused, and which shall further cause.
  4. Lord, in your awesome power, deliver every GOFAMINT member all over the world from the economic crises that coronavirus has caused and could further cause.
  5. Great and gracious God, deliver every Christian all over the world from the pangs and bits of the economic downturn caused by COVID 19 pandemic so that we will all praise you together.
  6. Father Divine, deliver the unsaved souls from the economic scourge caused by COVID 19 so that they may bow to your Lordship and thus be saved.
  7. Father, shorten the period of COVID 19 pandemic for the elect's sake.
  8. Lord, solve COVID 19 problem speedily for the sake of our children’s education, career, and future.




Our God offers divine coverage for His people in times of trouble, problems, distress, calamities, disasters, and dangers. He did it in the Bible days, in the days of the patriarchs, in the days of the disciples, and that of the church fathers. What He gave to the Israelites in the night of the Passover episode in Egypt was somewhat very remarkable. And the crossing of the red sea on dry land is an unforgettable experience. This is the uniqueness of our great God; he is, in fact, ever relevant any day. What He did then, He can still do today. He surely will give us divine coverage in this our time, and in this situation of COVID 19 pandemic.

 Let us pray

  1. Great God, thank you for answers to our prayers from Sunday till today.
  2. Heavenly Father, grant us coverage from above over the scourge of coronavirus as you did for Daniel in the Den of Lions.
  3. Great and mighty God, grant us divine coverage as you did for the three young Hebrews; the scourge of fire had no power over them, they came out of the fire unhurt, and everybody knew that you are Great God that delivers his children.
  4. Great and awesome God, grant all minister and members of GOFAMINT all over the world supernatural coverage from the scourge of COVID 19 as you delivered David from the bear, the lion, and the threat of Goliath.
  5. Just as you delivered Mordecai from the wicked plan of Hamman, deliver every GOFAMINT minister and member world-wide that we may praise you continually.
  6. Lord, thou that delivered Moses as a baby from the decree of Pharaoh and made him a leader of your children out of Egyptian slavery, deliver every member of GOFAMINT world-wide from the scourge of COVID 19 pandemic and cause us to fulfill the purpose for our existence as individuals and as a Church.
  7. Lord, give every ministers and member of GOFAMINT divine rest in a period like this.

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