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Financial Empowerment School (FES) is a continuous program designed to empower every GOFAMINT NA member financially. The program consists of 7 modules, each of which will be taught in four 1-hr weekly sessions plus 30- minute questions and answers session. Classes will be taught entirely online, and each session will be uploaded online for continuous access. Each module will be taught with a practical approach aimed at inspiring every participant to take action. The program is completely free but requires commitment. The seven modules include:

  • Wealth Psychology
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Money-making Strategies
  • Investing
  • Business Start-Up and Management
  • Invention and Innovation
  • Wealth Legacy


60% Investors

40% Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

0-30% personal credit card utilization


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(MODULE 1) SESSION 0: INTRODUCTION TO F.E.S(MODULE 1) SESSION 1: THE FOUNDATION OF BUILDING WEALTH( MODULE 1) SESSION 2: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WEALTH(MODULE 1) Session 3: LAWS OF WEALTH(MODULE 1)SESSION 4: BUILDING GENERATIONAL WEALTH(MODULE 2) SESSION 1: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SPENDING (MODULE 2) SESSION 2: BUDGETING(MODULE 2) SESSION 3: SAVING (MODULE 2) SESSION 4:avoiding & destroying debt(MODULE 2) SESSION 5: CASHFLOW PLANS & CASH FLOW QUADRANTS(module 3) session 1: money making strategies(module 3) session 2: law of multiple streams of income(module 3) session 3: Monetizing skills, abilities, and hobbies(module 3) session 4:law of selling & embracing technology(MODULE 4) SESSION 1: INVESTING (module 4) session 2: investing part 2(module 4) session 3: INVESTING PART 3(MODULE 4) SESSION 4: INVESTING PART 4(MODULE 5) SESSION 1:BUSINESS STARTUP & LEGAL STRUCTURE(MODULE 5) SESSION 2: BUSINESS VISION, PARTNERSHIP & ETHICS(MODULE 5) SESSION 3: Bookkeeping & Record Maintenance(MODULE 5) SESSION 4: BUSINESS LOANS & FUNDING SOURCE(MODULE 6) SESSION 1: INVENTION & INNOVATION (MODULE 6) SESSION 2: who can invent or innovate(MODULE 6) SESSION 3: HOW DO I KNOW IF MY INVENTION/ INNOVATION IS WORTH THE TROUBLE (MODULE 6)SESSION 4: HOW DO I GET VALUE AND PATENT FROM MY INNOVATION/INVENTION(MODULE 6) SESSION 5: Q&A(module 7) session 1: asset protection (module 7) session 2: wealth legacy - insuranceFES FINAL SESSION - Testimonies & Feedback


God has prepared his servants to take you through this journey.

So, get ready to embark on a life-changing journey to wealth.