by Deaconess Roseline Adu on June 08, 2021


People of God, I find it necessary to lay another stone of remembrance in thanking God and my fellow GVLM members and encourage you as the Holy Spirit is laying it in my heart (Joshua 4:1-10; Acts 20:24-31). 

The Month of June is memorable in GVLM. Today, I took time to reflect and thank God for His merciful acts in GOFAMINT NA and GVLM. I am grateful to my fellow pastor's wives, Deaconesses, and every member in GVLM; you are a gift of God to His church. Your presence and contributions of time, gifts, and talents have made GVLM a glorious and growing ministry. WE HAVE MANY REASONS TO GIVE THANKS. 

By the grace of God, we have the opportunity to hold the GVLM Annual conference virtually this year; God be praised forever in GVLM ministry. Thanks to our incredible team of pastors' wives and the Conference Committee who worked together for the resounding success of the conference. I pray the Lord would reward our labor of love in Jesus name (amen).

Deborah, the great woman in the book of Judges, is what we studied during our two days virtual conference last month. God unfolds the Distinctiveness of Deborah to us through many speakers from among us. Let us be the Deborah of our Generation by choosing to be courageous and be obedient to God and our Leaders (Heb 13:17-18). 

I encourage you to keep listening to those messages from the conference and share them with people around you. Let there be a new you by being the doer of God's word. Obedience to God makes you the light and salt to the world. 

It has been a great honor for me to serve you for the past two years, and I have great joy in serving, trusting God for more of His grace to serve even more. 

GOFAMINT Virtuous Ladies, it is no doubt that God's mercies and goodness have kept us in an unusual way individually and as a corporate body in these challenging times. Listening to those testimonies during our conference, we know it was by God's mercy that we are not consumed, and I pray He will continue to keep us all in perfect peace in Jesus Christ name(amen). 

GVL, I want to encourage you not to lay back. This is the time to move forward. We have much ground to cover. "This is not the time to attack one another for what we have done that we should not have done, what we have done we should have; instead, it is the time to itemize what we should do and do them conscientiously. This pandemic has taught us to appreciate FELLOWSHIP and promote healthy relationships above anything else. (Heb 10:25). It is an act of divine benevolence when we fellowship without any impediment. This is the time to give God the best of our worship and service and put satan to shame...." SUNDAY ADU (Emphasis mine). 

GOFAMINT Virtuous Ladies, I still have faith that our future is colorful and bright. Therefore, my sincere prayer is that no members of GVLM will lack anything good thing and we will fulfill the plans and purpose of God (Ps.101:2). 


Roseline Adu.

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