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March - The Month of Convenant

by Pastor (Dr.) Elijah O. Abina on March 01, 2022

My covenant I will not break, nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips.” (Ps 89: 34)


Because this is your month of Covenant, I want you to affirm the following by faith:

  • God’s covenant of redemption through the Blood of Jesus is at work in my life.
  • By His blood I have been made free from the curse of the law; the blessings of Abraham are mine.
  • I am committed to the Covenant of Service by serving the ministry of my church. God’s purpose.
  • I am committed to the Covenant of Defense by defending the unity of my church.
  • I accept the Covenant of Commitment by sharing the burden of my church.
  • I embrace the Covenant of Faithfulness by living godly everywhere I go.
  • I am committed to the Covenant of Responsibility by fulfilling my Kingdom obligations of soul winning and generous giving.
  • The covenant of God works wonders in my life daily.
  • The blessings of the Lord make me rich and add no sorrow to it. Therefore, wealth without sorrow is my portion; enlargement is my portion; breakthrough is my portion; increase is my portion, and the peace of God that passes all understanding is my portion.
  • I am a covenant child, and the covenant of God in my life cancels all contrary covenants.
  • The Host of heaven heavily defends me; no weapon formed against me prospers.
  • I have the covenant of abundant life, my peace overflows, and my health is sound.
  • I have the covenant of fruitfulness; no barrenness around me.
  • I have the covenant of exemption; no evil is permitted in my territory.
  • I have the covenant of abundance: no more lack in life and family.
  • I have the covenant of blessing, I am blessed, and I am a blessing.
  • I have the covenant of promotion; my horn is exalted like that of a unicorn.
  • I have the covenant of strength; I will walk, run and mount up as eagles.
  • I have the covenant of provisions; God supplies all I need
  • I have the covenant of favor; I am highly favored and mightily blessed.
  • I have the covenant of victory; I have total victory over my adversaries.
  • I have the covenant of longevity; I will not be cut short in the middle of my days.
  • I prosper in every good thing I lay my hands on. I am the blessed of the Lord
  • I am blessed above the curse, above only, and never beneath.

So, shall this month be better than the last because the Lord will deal wondrously with you, your household, and GOFAMINT worldwide, in Jesus mighty name.



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